Ablue Moon’s Avant-Garde

2018 Arabian Olympiad (Melbourne Summer Horse Show)

Silver Champion Ablue Moon Award for Arabian Ponies

2017 Beaufort Show

Reserve Champion Derivative Male
Best Derivative Trot

2017 Noorat Show

Champion Riding Pony

2017 Mount Gambier Show

Champion Open Gelding
Champion Arabian Derivative
Reserve Champion Part Welsh

2017 Camperdown Show

Champion Arabian Derivative (Saturday)
Champion Arabian Derivative (Sunday)
Champion Part Welsh (Sunday)
Reserve Champion Riding Pony (Sunday)

2015 Australian National Arabian Championships

Ablue Moon’s Avant-Garde, proudly owned by Sharyn Williams of Lendene Stud, made his final appearance for the season at the Aussies.  As always, he looked wonderful, and his condition, behaviour and turnout are a credit to Sharyn’s care and handling.

In a very tough class of decorated junior geldings, Huey put his best foot forward with a fabulous workout.  Though he missed out on a ribbon, his scores were extremely competitive, and he was only one placing out of the sashes.

2014 Victorian Arabian Classic

The stylish gelding Ablue Moon’s Avant-Garde attended the 2014 Classic and, though his heart wasn’t really in his workout, behaved beautifully and stood very well.  Congratulations to his loving owner Sharyn Williams on her boy’s broadsash – Huey was awarded:

Reserve Champion Arabian Pony Gelding 2&3yrs

2014 Arabian Extravaganza

The beautiful Ablue Moon’s Avant-Garde attended the Extravaganza and achieved excellent results.  Congratulations to his proud owners Sharyn and Rob of Lendene Stud.  ‘Huey’ looked beautiful and, though he found the conditions challenging, did very well to be awarded:

Champion Arabian Pony Gelding 2&3 years (judge 2)
Reserve Champion Arabian Pony Gelding 2&3 years (judge 1)

2013 Arabian Extravaganza

‘Huey’ attended his first Arabian show with his wonderful new family at Lendene Stud.  Congratulations to Sharyn and Rob on presenting him so beautifully – he is looking great.  Still very much a baby, and by far the youngest entry in his two Arabian Pony classes, he was a little overwhelmed by some aspects of the atmosphere.  Competing against the eventual Supreme in both classes, he did well to be awarded:

Reserve Champion Arabian Pony Yearling Colt (ring 1)
Reserve Champion Arabian Pony Yearling Colt (ring 2)

Huey –  approximately three weeks old