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Ablue Moon Rising x Glenview Silver Harmony (dec.)
2013 Palomino Arabian Pony Mare | SCID clear, CA clear, LFS clear
12hh | 10yo | Registered AHSA & RPSB | Eligible EA, SHC, WPCS, APSB, ASEA, Coloured, etc.

‘Halo’ is one of our most admired and recognized ponies. She was the first filly from the incomparably successful Ablue Moon Rising x Glenview Silver Harmony (dec.) mating, and one of only two palomino fillies that the mating ever produced. Her siblings and half-siblings require little introduction: POTY Ablue Moon’s Virtuoso, POTY Ablue Moon Pianissimo, Australian Champion Ablue Moon’s James Blond, East Coast Champions Ablue Moon’s Victoria Buckham, Ablue Moon’s Altissimo, and Ablue Moon’s Redioactive, and Dual Royal Supreme Champion Ablue Moon’s Heaven’s D’or. They reside in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and WA, and have been outstanding led and ridden show horses at all levels (from Ag shows to Grand Nationals) and across multiple registries.

Halo’s own show results (from very limited outings) reflect those of her illustrious family. From only two classes, she has been once Australian National Champion (2015) and once Australian Bronze National Champion (2021). Both these results were achieved in very good company, and her filly class, in particular, was memorable – the largest Derivative halter class of the show! In both cases, Halo was prepared at home and shown by an amateur, and there is little doubt that she could easily continue her success with quality preparation. She is a marvellous little show pony – well-schooled, cool to handle in the marshalling yard, but understands her job and will give you a fabulous workout.

Broken in and eligible newcomers, Halo has incredible potential as a ridden pony. She was kindly and professionally started by Julie Middleton, had several months of regular work with an accomplished local rider before being turned out, and has had one or two short spells of work since. She has just spent a fortnight with the Lee sisters at Tamrie Park, being brought back into work after a long interval. She looks absolutely gorgeous under saddle, moves beautifully, and has no vices or bad habits, though she is not suitable for a nervous or beginner rider. While she has great brakes, she is a forward-moving pony with a good work ethic. Ready to continue work over winter in preparation for the coming show season, she is a mare of national quality, and would make a genuinely exciting prospect for an experienced family.

While Halo has not yet been bred, her family attests to her broodmare potential. Zing is a leading sire of Champions, Harmony was arguably the most successful Arabian Pony broodmare in the country, and several of Halo’s siblings are already producing very successfully. With her beauty, quality, and pedigree, Halo ought to follow in their hoofprints. You could breed her to a Welsh A for superb small show hunters with a little bit of extra refinement, cross her to a Riding Pony to bring her colour, beauty, and movement into your show ponies, or find her the perfect Arabian stallion to produce the next generation of high-percentage Arabian Ponies without losing that beautiful pony character. Her distribution of Arabian and Welsh blood means that (once she was registered Part Welsh) all of her progeny would be eligible for at least two registrations.

Halo is extremely well handled, and a pleasure to do anything with. She’s good to catch, lead, tie, trim, worm, wash, and clip. She is excellent with her gear (bridle, girth, side reins), and is great to lunge (free or on the lunge rein). She loads perfectly and is an easy traveler, alone or with company. At her last outing, she got the portable stable miles away from her buddies – this sort of thing doesn’t bother her in the slightest…she is very adaptable and isn’t separation anxious.

Like most ponies, Halo loves her food and can live off the smell of an oily rag. She has never foundered, but we monitor her condition to keep her from getting excessively fat. She is up to date with worming, trimming, and teeth, and is currently sound, happy, and in great health. Vet check welcome at buyer’s expense.

Halo is my ‘heart horse,’ and I’ve always envisaged owning her forever. However, as I complete my PhD, I don’t believe I will have the time to show prep her, or the capacity to breed with her myself. I can’t even enjoy her as a trail or pleasure horse, as she’s too little for me to ride. She is such an exceptional mare, and has so much more to give, that keeping her as a pet feels like a selfish waste of my special girl.

She isn’t a cheap pony, and she isn’t available to a cheap home. While I’m more than happy to discuss her with you in detail, and to answer any questions that you might have, please don’t enquire if you’re a dreamer, bargain hunter, timewaster, serial pest, non-payer, have a reputation for starving horses, can’t afford the transport, don’t have your partner’s permission, etc. This is an emotional sale, and it’s important to me that Halo is paired with the right home, for both her sake and theirs.

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$Price Scale D | Located Geelong region, Vic.

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