Ablue Moon Rising

13.2hh Palomino Arabian Pony (64% purity), Part Welsh, Riding Pony Approved
(S K Shakla Khan (imp USA) (dec.)  x Kim-Dande Stormgirl)
SCID clear, CA clear, LFS clear

*Zing is unshown due to the scarring he suffered as a result of his broken nose and jaw.*

With a huge following, both within Australia and abroad, Zing is recognised as one of the most beautiful palomino Arabian bred stallions in the world. His exotic type, correct conformation, mesmerising movement and sensational colour make him unique, and he epitomises the Arabian Pony.

The only Arabian Pony son of the fabulous *S K Shakla Khan, Zing is also Khan’s only entire dilute son, and the only entire Arabian Pony grandson of the illustrious Sanadik El Shaklan. The breed-defining beauty and charisma of Khan and Sanadik, as well as that of their legendary forefather El Shaklan, have left their unmistakable stamp on their glorious golden descendant. Zing’s dam, Kim-Dande Stormgirl, is sired by the now-deceased Cherrington Sir Jason, and is from a family of Royal, East Coast and Australian Champions. A mare of outstanding presence and quality, Stormgirl’s progeny include Royal and National Champions, and Zing is her only entire son.

Zing was special from the moment of his birth, and he and his progeny are the subject of constant interest locally and internationally. Every year, we field countless enquiries from those wishing to breed to Zing, or to acquire one of his precious progeny. While he is no longer available to outside mares, the response to his single season at limited public stud was phenomenal, with all breedings sold at a rapid rate.

A vision in gold and ivory, he represents the ultimate of the Arabian dream for many. Unshown due to scarring from his broken nose and jaw, of a relatively young age, and with limited progeny, he has nonetheless made an indelible mark on the show and breeding scene, and his singular merit, reputation and pedigree have seen him featured in the Australian Arabian Horse News, Arabian Studs & Stallions, Pony Magazine Australia, The Arab Mag (South Africa), and the Facebook page of Arabian Select (USA).

Not only beautiful, but also intelligent, Zing is a pleasure to have on the farm. His commanding presence is equalled by his abiding affection for people (especially ‘his person’ Dee), and he never fails to present himself for pats and admiration. At liberty or on the lead, he is respectful, but nevertheless possesses a healthy sense of his own importance. With both mares and foals, his gentlemanly manners are beyond reproach, and he oversees the farm from the comfort of his paddocks.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Zing is proving himself as a consistent sire of exquisite, correct and trainable progeny who are excelling at the highest levels. With only twenty-two registered progeny to his name, sixteen of which have commenced their show careers, they have accrued a host of accolades which include Australian Championships, East Coast Championships, Barastoc Horse of the Year, Royal, Grand, Supreme, State, AA-class, A-class and Multi-Championship titles, and we look forward to their future achievements. The efforts of his progeny and their dedicated owners have seen Zing repeatedly recognised as a Leading Sire of Derivative Champions.

While we are not expecting any foals by Zing this season, we’ll be vicariously enjoying the arrival of several of his ‘grandchildren’, and wish their respective breeders and owners the very best for safe and healthy new additions.


Ablue Moon’s Bed of Roses

2010 Palomino Mare | Australian Top Five (2019) | Australian Top Ten (2015)| Grand Champion | Multi-Champion

Ablue Moon’s TNT

2011 Chestnut Gelding | National Champion | NSW State Champion | ACT ‘State’ Champion | Supreme Champion | Multi-Champion

Ablue Moon’s Magna Opera

2012 Palomino Gelding | Barastoc HOTY (halter) | Multi-Supreme Champion (halter) | Multi-Champion (halter & saddle) | Supreme Champion (saddle) 

Ablue Moon’s Altissimo

2012 Chestnut Stallion | East Coast Champion (halter) | Victorian State Champion (halter) | QLD State Champion (saddle) | Multi-Supreme Champion (halter & saddle) | Multi-Royal Winner (saddle)

Ablue Moon’s Avant-Garde

2012 Grey Gelding | Multi-Champion | Combined Training Winner

Ablue Moon’s Stairway to Heaven

2013 Palomino Mare | Australian National Champion (2015) | Australian National Bronze Champion (2021)

Ablue Moon’s Break n Hearts

2013 Chestnut Mare | Unshown

Kingsley Hidden Treasure (dec.)

2013 Cremello Mare | Australian Top Ten | Multi-Champion

Ablue Moon’s James Blond

2014 Palomino Stallion | Australian National Champion | Victorian Classic Supreme Champion | Multi-Supreme Champion | Sire of Australian and East Coast Champions

Ablue Moon’s Starlet O’Hara

2014 Chestnut Mare | Victorian State Champion (halter) | Supreme Champion (halter) | Multi-Champion (halter) | Barastoc Top Ten (saddle) | Dressage Winner (saddle)

Ablue Moon’s Ninja Rogers

2014 Chestnut Mare | A-class Top Five on Debut

Ablue Moon’s Redioactive

2015 Chestnut Mare | East Coast Champion | National Champion | Arabian Alliance Show Champion | NSW State Reserve Champion

Ablue Moon’s Capt n America

2015 Palomino Gelding | Unshown

Ablue Moon’s Victoria Buckham

2016 Buckskin Mare | Australian Silver Champion | East Coast Champion | National Champion | Multi-Supreme Champion | State Supreme Champion | Dual NSW State Champion

Ablue Moon’s Venus de Milo

2017 Cremello Mare | Multi-Champion on Debut

Ablue Moon’s Ex’s n Oh’s

2017 Palomino Mare | Australian National Top Ten | Multi-Champion

Ablue Moon’s Buttercelli

2017 Palomino Gelding | Unshown

Ablue Moon’s Heaven’s D’or

2017 Palomino Mare | Dual Royal Supreme Champion | State Supreme Champion | State Grand Champion | Multi-Supreme Champion

Ablue Moon’s Chromeo

2018 Palomino Gelding | Australian National Silver Champion (halter) | East Coast Best Newcomer of Show | Multi-Champion (ridden)