What Is An Arabian Pony

We are often asked to clarify what exactly makes an Arabian Pony, and the requirements and restrictions associated with this beautiful cross, so have created this page to answer some of the most prevalent questions.

Is there a height limit on Arabian Ponies?

No. An Arabian Pony is a recognised descendant of purebred animals (both Arabian and Pony). A Welsh Cob (which could be up to 15.2hh) is recognised as  Pure Welsh in the Welsh Pony and Cob Society  Studbook, and therefore by the Arabian Horse Society of Australia.   Consider crossing this Welsh Cob over a Purebred Arabian mare…the offpsring could easily mature over 15hh!   Similarly, a Shetland crossed over an Arabian Pony mare could produce a foal to mature under 11hh. With  such  a wide range of possibilities, it is unrealistic  for there to be a height restriction on Arabian Ponies.   Our personal preference is for our ponies to mature between 13-14.2hh, as we  enjoy the  associated versatility and the fact that they are  able to be ridden by children or adults. This height bracket also puts our ponies well within the limits for Dressage pony registration.

Is there a minimum Arabian percentage for Arabian Ponies?

Yes and no. As of the 1st of August 2012,  the  Arabian Horse Society has introduced new restrictions for the eligibility of Arabian Ponies, Arabian Riding Ponies, Anglo Arabians and Arabian Warmbloods. In  order to be registered as Arabian Ponies, horses require a minimum of 12.5% Arabian purity. However, a horse with less than 12.5% purity is still eligible for registration, provided that both its parents are already registered Arabian Ponies. Given the history of the studbook (which  previously allowed  purebred pony stock  to be registered as Arabian Ponies), some Arabian Ponies have as little as 0.01% Arabian purity.

Is there a minimum Pony percentage for Arabian Ponies?

Yes. In order to be registered as Part Welsh, horses must carry a minimum of 12.5%  Welsh blood. There are no exceptions to this rule. To be registered as Partbred APSB (Australian Pony), mares and geldings must carry at least 25% Purebred Pony blood, as recognised by the APSB. The APSB recognises several breeds as Purebred, including Welsh. The Partbred APSB register has recently been opened to allow the registration of Partbred colts and stallions. However, these horses must carry a minimum 50% Purebred pony blood, and only a few Pony breeds are recognised (as opposed to the mare and gelding registers, which are less restricted).

What colours are Arabian Ponies permitted to be?

Arabian Ponies may be any colour, including dilute,  pinto, roan and grey. There are no restrictions on white markings. Parti-coloured hooves are permitted, as are blue or parti-coloured eyes.

How are Arabian Ponies shown?

There are few restrictions on the  turnout of Arabian Ponies. They may be shown  clipped or unclipped, plaited or unplaited and in English or Arabian tack. Judges are not supposed to consider one style of presentation as favourable over another. There are  obvious exceptions, as it is  very difficult for a judge to justifiably place an exhibit suffering from malnourishment and  poor hoof maintenance over a sleek, shiny exhibit in good health.

Are Arabian Ponies allowed to have a high tail carriage like an Arabian?

Yes. There is nothing in the standard of excellence stating that Arabian Ponies  are not permitted to have an exuberant tail carriage. However, the tail should be set level with, or slightly lower than, the back. This means that, although a tail carriage is perfectly permissible, the horse should not have a back and hindquarter that slopes upwards towards its tail. Similarly, the hindquarter should be slightly rounded, not flat like a Purebred, but also not sloping steeply downwards to create a ‘goosey’ hindquarter with a low-set tail.

Where can I see an example of these gorgeous creatures?

We are privileged to own one of the most beautiful collections of Arabian Ponies in Australia! We have bred/owned/exhibited Australian, East Coast, National, Royal, State, Barastoc and Supreme Champion stock in Arabian, Welsh, Part Welsh, Coloured and Open company. Visitors are always very welcome, but by appointment only, so we can make time to show you around.